Multinational Pooling

Multinational pooling allows multinational companies to benefit from favourable insured claims experience on a worldwide basis. A multinational pooling account is a second stage accounting of benefit plans at the international level. It brings together benefit plans (retirement, death, disability, medical, accident) which have been set up locally for two or more countries.


  • Multinational companies save money by achieving economies of scale.
  • It allows the multinational employer to benefit from experience rating at the international level.
  • Multinational employers receive annual reports regarding the overall costs and performance of their global benefits plans.
  • There is no extra cost to set up a pool.
  • Administrative charges are offset against any positive results.
  • There are no implementation fees and the pool management expenses are deducted from any surplus generated by the global experience of the pool.
  • Negative balances are carried forward and offset against future positive results, or absorbed by the network, depending on the arrangement.
  • There are no termination penalties if the customer decides to discontinue the program.
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