Leadership Team Benefit Plan

A competitive leadership benefit plan is a tax efficient tool that helps to attract and retain your key personnel.

Our plans include the following features

Adequate levels of coverage

Equality in the level of benefit dollars as a percentage of total compensation

Flexibility and portability with rate guarantees

Supplemental Coverage For Your Leadership Team

Our innovative solutions include adding an additional layer of individual coverage to your group plan.

This adds a guaranteed element of coverage which includes the following features of individual policies:

  • Non-cancelable, guaranteed contract to age 65
  • Level premiums to 65
  • Regular occupation definition for total disability to 65
  • Partial or residual benefits
  • No government offsets
  • Voluntary rehabilitation
  • Higher benefit maximums
  • Expanded definitions of earnings related to “insurable“ compensation
  • Critical Illness lump sum benefits
  • Premium refund
  • Future savings protection

This approach also allows you to insure total earnings as most group plans do not include bonus or dividends.

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