International Benefits

If you are a global employer with employees in more than one country, we can help you tailor a benefits solution to meet your particular needs in these situations:

  • You are based in Canada and need coverage for:
    Expatriate – Canadian employees working outside Canada.
    Inpatriate – returning expatriates who are satisfying a waiting period to be eligible for provincial health care coverage, or foreign employees working for a Canadian business in Canada.
    Third country national – employees who are citizens of one foreign country and working in a second foreign country for a division or subsidiary of a Canadian company.
    Foreign national – foreign employees working in their own country for a division or subsidiary of a Canadian business.
  • You are based outside Canada and are looking for benefits for your Canadian operation.
  • You are a global employer with benefit plans in various countries.
  • You are based either in Canada or in the USA and need coverage for your USA employees who are USA permanent residents.

CORE benefit consulting has formed a strategic alliance with a USA brokerage firm to supply our clients with

  • 401(k) management
  • cross-border financial experience updates
  • deep understanding of evolving legislation and fluctuating markets
  • expertise in navigating the Affordable Care Act

This partnership allows us to provide our customers with tailored USA employee benefit solutions, and our clients achieve reduced Human Resource time spent on administration and benefit selection as a result.

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